Varsity Football’s Defense Secures Shutout Victory over Workman Lobos at First Home Game


Photo by Ryan Wong

On the 23rd night of September, the Aztecs earned a home victory of 18-0 against Workman High School, carrying their season overall record to three wins and two losses. This game followed a loss against Gabrielino High School the week prior.

During the first quarter, Keppel landed a touchdown with four seconds left on the timer. Carrying their momentum into the second quarter, the Aztecs scored two more touchdowns, still without a single point on Workman’s side. Keppel kept their defense up for the latter half, keeping their 18-0 to close out the game.

For the first time in over 20 years, the team’s current five game season record is three wins to two losses.

Assistant Coach Andrew Marin expressed the team’s hopes for the remainder of the season. “We’ll do our best for Homecoming and Senior Night and give people a show, go after Alhambra and San Gabriel,” Marin states. The aforementioned Homecoming and Senior Night football games are on October 7 and 15 respectively.

Overall, this team is a good team that has built a strong family bond together… They got each other’s backs.”

— Assistant Coach Andrew Marin

Despite not having as many players as other schools in the league, “we give it 100% all four quarters, but in the future we gotta get kids out here and build a team, get more numbers so our job can be easier,” he continues. Keppel’s football team has about 23 players as opposed to other high schools in the league whose teams have upwards of 30 to 40 players. The team has worked on building endurance and strength in the weight room and on the field in preparation for future games.