Homecoming 2021

Homecoming Rally

Keppel’s pep teams put on performances in Palm Court during lunch to raise school spirit in anticipation for Homecoming.

Homecoming Football Game

The Aztec varsity Football team played their homecoming game against the San Gabriel Matadors on October 7. The final score ended as 12-49, leaving the Matadors taking the win.

The Aztecs made an extreme effort throughout the entire game, attempting to block the Matadors from gaining closer distance to the end zone. In spite of their efforts, the Matadors were able to score multiple touchdowns. As a result, the scoreboard ended as 0- 14 for the first quarter. Stanley Roybal who was in on defense the majority of the game says, “they switched their offense and defense out at least 2-3 times a quarter.” This subbing of players was to the Matadors’ advantage as they were able to switch their layers out and let them rest, which the Aztecs were not able to.

In the second quarter of the game, the Aztecs struggled to catch up to the Matadors with a score of 32-0. During the halftime show, one of the Aztecs’ team captains, George Flores noticed, “they had a big front line and they have good communication skills on the field.” However, after the halftime show, the Aztecs came back with determination and things began to take a turn and the Aztecs were able to score one touchdown changing the score to 6-32.

In the very last stretch of the game, the Aztecs scored one final touchdown to end the game. Despite the team losing their game, the team had practiced hard and they have come this far and gotten more wins than any previous seasons within the last 15 years.

Although our Aztecs lost this game, this season’s performance has been doing exceptionally well in comparison to previous seasons. As of now, the Aztecs’ overall standing is 3-4, whereas in 2019-20 their overall standing was 1-9. Our Aztecs have been hard at work this season and have been doing extremely well throughout the season although the team does not bring a win, the team is scoring much more than previous years.

Homecoming Dance

On the night of Oct. 9, Mark Keppel students gathered in Palm Court for the 2021 Homecoming Dance, themed “A Night in Wonderland.”  Seniors Wilhelmina Wu and Brandon Fones received the title of Homecoming Queen and King, respectively.