Is a Lot of Homework a Good Thing?

This year, all California school districts like LAUSD, AUSD, etc., are making students go back to in-person learning. This is the situation that has been given to the students and teachers. Some have chosen to return to a traditional classroom while others have chosen to continue with the virtual learning format for safety. 

The question that students have in their heads when they return to in-person learning is, “Is it a good idea for teachers to give us a lot of homework?” 

This question is something that students feel is important because of the workload that is being given and the new bell schedule. Ms. Koutsky, an American Literature teacher, said her daughter was working on homework until midnight. When she was done, she wanted to hang out with her friend, but it was late already. She added that her daughter doesn’t have enough time to have fun because of the new schedule.

This story from Ms. Koutsky shows the students of Mark Keppel that students from other schools are having the same feeling as the students of Mark Keppel.

Do you think teachers are asking for too much homework?


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An unscientific survey of students revealed the following anonymous opinions about homework.

Some students feel differently because they can finish their class work or homework within the two hours that they are given. During quarantine some students felt like their teacher had high expectations of them and the students felt like they can’t keep up with the work.  “It does suck because teachers expect too much and for students who just came back after being in quarantine for over a year, the amount of homework is too hard to get used to and the expectations cause us to think negatively of ourselves whenever we are unable to meet a requirement.” A second student, Senior Bryan Ramillano responded by saying, “It is a lot better than last year because we don’t need to continuously catch up on assignments that teachers will put online without knowing how long each assignment would take. It does suck that there is still a lot of homework, but it is still better due to the staggered periods leading to more time to do assignments.” 

Mr. Perez, a Special Education teacher and swim coach of the school, said,I’m conflicted because we are in the classroom so long it gives more time to do homework, but I do think having homework is good as long it doesn’t take six hours a day because when the students get home they should be doing some non-academic activities,  like walking with the family or playing sports.  This year’s schedule is quite different, especially with the addition of Extended Learning time in the last half hour of class.” 

Fashion and Design teacher and cheer team coach, Mrs. Martinez said,  “Working in different jobs, I was never required to take work home. As a teacher, I don’t expect my students to take extra work home. I expect my students to do the work in my class so I can help them understand and practice the content, but I don’t expect them to do a lot of homework for my class. When they start working in the real world, they will not be expected or compensated to take work home.” In conclusion, the teachers should hold back a little bit on the workload and be considerate to the students because the students might have a lot of homework from the other classes and are already stressed out of the day.