Larry Landless


50 years later, Mr. Larry Landless looks at the Keppel wrestling team with hope and aspiration, remembering what it was like when he was on the team decades ago. As a Mark Keppel alum, Landless knows how the high school works and all the little details about it. He is a perfect fit for campus supervisor as he knows the ins and outs of this school.

 Landless did not allow his health to deter him from doing what he loves. “I’ve had some serious health problems, like cancer. It slowed me down quite a bit. Radiation was really rough on me. Things are good. Looking forward to exercising and getting back to the shape I used to be.” With his motivation, it is not a surprise that Landless managed to snag a spot as the wrestling coach assistant so that can whip the Mark Keppel students in shape with decades of success in the field. 

“I want everyone to consider wrestling- boys, girls, from smallest to biggest, there are weight classes. It will be the hardest thing you will ever do, but it will be the most memorable thing you will ever do….people that quit wish they wouldn’t have quit. People who worked hard in it have the least regrets.” 

With 28 years as a campus supervisor, Landless will ensure that students will have a safe learning environment on Mark Keppel.