The Addams Family Musical Cancellation

The annual spring musical for this year, The Addams Family, has been canceled mainly due to worries of COVID-19. Entering the first weeks of musical rehearsals, two directors and several students of Drama, Technical Theater, and Orchestra were absent, mostly due to COVID. According to district policy, if a student tests positive for COVID or is determined to be in close contact with someone who has COVID, they have to quarantine for 5 to 10 days. Because so many people were unavailable for rehearsals, the directors were not comfortable in being prepared in time for the musical.

Orchestra students were highly affected as wind instruments had to rehearse outside due to COVID restrictions and the timeline for when they would get to play inside again was unknown.

When asked about the musical, Drama director Mrs. Phillips stated, “I am very sad. The musical is my favorite thing to do within the school year… I absolutely love it. It was a really tough decision that we directors had to make, but we all agreed it was best for everyone involved.”

Students shared similar views. Stage manager Kyle Le expressed, “The cancellation of our annual musical is very unfortunate for everyone involved- the cast, orchestra, tech crew, and teachers. It affects our seniors, as they now have less of a senior year, and younger students who cannot gain crucial experience for their future years in our theatre program.”

“It’s really disheartening to see that the musical got canceled again because the musical allowed for everyone to strengthen and build new bonds with one another, “ says Winnie Wong, a junior cellist.

There are still many events to be expected from the VAPA department. Apart from annual VAPA events like Some Enchanted Evening, students can also be excited for the annual One Act Festival, a show directed by the seniors of Advanced Drama and Tech Theater. This year, “we will make it a bigger production than we usually have,” says Mrs. Phillips.