MK FBLA Sets a Chapter Record at State Sweepstakes

  Last month, from Thursday, April 7 to Sunday, April 10, the MKHS Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) team competed in the California State Leadership Conference. Prior to State, the FBLA team competed in the Sectionals Conference at Westlake High School, where they competed against the 17 chapters (high schools) in their section, the Gold Coast Section. To advance to State in their event, members of the FBLA team had to have been one of the top six competitors in their respective events. Overall, the MKHS FBLA team placed first in Sectionals and secured fourth place sweepstakes at the State Conference, the best placement that Keppel has ever earned at the conference. Furthermore, a total of 18 members from the MKHS FBLA team placed within the top four of their respective events and automatically qualified for the National Competition. 

  In the weeks leading up to the State Conference, the FBLA team rigorously prepared for the competition. Katrina Gee, president of the club, states, “We gave our members Quizlets, competencies, and lists of information that they need to know so that way, they can study. We also have textbooks for them to look at. Mr. Heredia is a very important kind of factor in this, as we’re able to hold some study sessions and things of that matter before State.” 

  Competitors from each chapter competed in a series of events at the State Conference, with the events covering topics ranging from Public Speaking to Banking and Financial Systems. Depending on the event, competitors either took an exam or presented in front of a group of judges, who subsequently scored the presentation based on its quality. Individuals were placed in their event based on how their scores compared against those of other competitors. The amount of points they earned for that specific event was determined by their placement. (E.g. 1st place gets 10 points, 2nd place gets 9 points, 3rd place gets 8 points, etc.). After the conclusion of all the events, the judges add up the number of points earned by each chapter, and the chapter with the most points secures first place sweepstakes. 

  Last year, the State Conference was hosted online via Zoom and lacked many in-person opportunities. “At State Competition, there’s workshops and networking and keynote speakers, so we’re really able to get, not only our competition, but y’know, hanging out with our chapter and bonding as a whole, and pizza nights and stuff like that,” Gee said, “so it’s really an experience being away from virtual learning.” 

  The individuals and groups that placed within the top four in their specific events automatically qualified for the National Competition in Chicago, which will begin on Wednesday, June 29th and will last until Saturday, July 2nd.